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Auto Repair Center | Stevenage Old Town


A service is a routine checkup of your car which should be done annually or upon reaching a particular mileage set by your vehicle manufacturer.

One of our technicians will look at your car’s condition and check parts like brakes and tyres for wear and tear.

The types of checks included in a service vary depending on the type of service you book.

Getting your car serviced:

  • Helps to prolong the life of your car.
  • Identifies any issues that might cause a problem, so you can get them fixed.
  • Increases the resale value of your car as it shows it’s been well looked after.

Manufacturer Service

The service recommended by your manufacturer, based on the age and mileage of your vehicle to keep it in the best possible condition. This service will maintain your vehicle’s warranty

Interim service

A comprehensive list of checks ranging from your wheels to your engine, and you’ll also get an oil change

Full service

Includes everything covered by an interim service, plus you’ll also get added extras like a brand-new air filter